Strategic Consulting

Workshop Facilitation

LDA has over many years conducted strategic interventions and have developed their personal LDA Strategy Model.

The LDA model for the Strategic Process sets out the phases involved in the successful realisation of the organisation’s Vision.

There are 3 Phases required to realise the Strategic Imperative:

  • Phase 1: Strategy Determination
  • Phase 2: Strategy Planning
  • Phase3: Strategy Execution

As part of the pre – Phase Planning LDA conducts relevant industry research to enrich the strategy workshop process LDA also utilises other strategy tools for workshop facilitation:

  • PEST Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Rich Picture Exercise
  • Affinity Diagram technique
  • Interrelationship Digraph technique

Strategy Monitoring Tools

A simple one page strategic plan executed through an on-line performance management system.

ec@ps is delivered in a practical interactive session that produces a One Page Strategic Plan, together with supportive Individual Performance Plans. The web based execution system ensures the process is monitored and results are achieved. Any existing Strategic Plan or Balanced Scorecard can be incorporated into the ec@ps model with ease.