Associates and Advisors

Ency Litsoane - Associate

Motivational Speaker

Life began for Ency (Samkelisiwe) in Swaziland. She came to South Africa in 1993 to further her studies in Midwifery, Psychiatry, Nursing and Community Development.

On her journey to empower and educate herself, she realized that although the investment in herself was worthwhile and could be measured by the accumulated certificates she was acquiring… her wallet was not reflecting this and was being depleted and looking rather lean. Never minimizing the value of education, she realized that she wanted more and wanted to make a difference... and believed money could be part of that equation.

Discovering the world of Direct Selling gave her a key and turned her world around. Steven Covey’s words from ’Success from Home’, helped to open the door. “Direct Selling is an Entrepreneurial opportunity where people can use their passion towards a greater good.”

Working since 2001 in the DIRECT SELLING INDUSTRY through the network marketing channel, has given Ency new direction, making her break out the box and face the challenge of a bigger world. New lessons to learn - Products, Compensation Plans… and most importantly, learning to communicate and share the business opportunity with people she had never met.


Client Comments

LDA's informal yet very professional approach assisted unlocking great value from all and we highly recommend LDA and the full range of services they provided to us namely Strategic development workshops, implementation of the outcomes into to a practical electronic system.

Johan Struwig, Director, Namibia Plastics

I firstly want to say thank you for an amazing workshop on various levels. I experienced some frustrations lately and through the workshop and exercises I now know it is because we are all so different. I am able to accept my and other's personalities.

Hannlie van Niekerk, The Training Room Online

We appointed LDA to assist with a restructuring and focused training program within our company. Their willingness to share experiences and expertise with us has resulted in a visible change in our company's management teams, direction and our service offering.

Callie Schafer, MD - Prosperity Health, Namibia

Len of LDA assisted our scheme by rendering reliable, sound advice that led to the board of trustees taking a decision based on his expertise. LDA will always go to the extra mile to assist a fellow colleague in their field of expertise.

Janine Louw, CEO/PO - Naspers Medical Schemes

LDA recently conducted a strategic retreat session for NAMAF. I would like to stress that their duties were executed with professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm and accuracy at all times. This was noted with much appreciation and I would highly recommend LDA to any prospective client.

Gabriel Mbapaha, CEO - NAMAF, Namibia

LDA are passionate about what they do. Len understood our issues and offered trusted and specific advice and solutions which fit our operational requirements. LDA offered simple, actionable and measurable strategies, which forms part of our focus on achieving professionalism and excellence.

Murida Khan, Acting Principal Officer - Motohealth